Snack Surprise


Kurt and I are always creating new reasons to celebrate. We've made up a few traditions just on a whim, and we always try to put our own spin on holidays. Some of these traditions come in the form of a simple, small surprise, sometimes we make a whole day out if it, but either way, it feels kinda awesome to construct the culture of our relationship this way. These funny little rituals make for some of my favorite memories, for sure. 

Snack Surprise has evolved over the years, but the premise is pretty straight forward. Every October, we watch a marathon of spooky movies during the two weeks leading up to Halloween. We each amass a hoard of surprise snacks for each other, a snack for each night. It's doesn't have to be candy. It could be a beer, a wedge of stinky cheese or a bowl of popcorn - just whatever you know the other person fancies. The only rules are that the snacks should be small, single servings and that they are within our predetermined budget ($3 a night). Before the movie starts, I'll say, "Close your eyes!" and retrieve Kurt's snack from its hiding place. "Open!" I'll exclaim, presenting his treat in my open palm. Then its his turn. We laugh. I eat mine while doing a sort of seated dance, then spend the rest of the evening yelling words that don't exist at zombies on the television, clutching Mule for emotional support during the scary parts. 

San Pellegrino and Black Sesame Candy!
We're into Day 3 of Snack Surprise. So far we've watched Donnie Darko and the premier episode of the Walking Dead! My snacks have been epic: a small block of Spanish milk chocolate,  a can of sparkling orange San Pellegrino and black sesame candy. I've presented Kurt with a black Panda licorice, a few sheets of salted and toasted seaweed, a wedge of date walnut cake and two Cellar Door truffles. This rules. 

For this year's movie marathon, these spookers are on our must watch list: Let the Right One In, [REC], 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, Rosemary's Baby, The Shining, Dawn of the Dead, Last Man on Earth, Ghost Busters, Lost Boys, The Thing, Poltergeist. Any suggestions?

What do you think, does this sound like a tradition that you could get into? What are your favorite movie snacks? What scary movies do you like? 


  1. any japanese horror film usually scares the crap out of me, like The Ring etc. i get scared just thinking about that scary girl with the long hair in the well.

    i like the idea of snack surprises, it would make food shopping a bit more interesting!

  2. Misery or Dolores Claiborne. Stephen King adaptations starring Kathy Bates are the shit!

  3. From Simon Pegg who did Shaun of the Dead is another great movie called 'Hot Fuzz.' Tom and I are working our way through old horror/thrillers that we've never seen before, tonight is 'The Day The Earth Stood Still.'

  4. Oh wow, I LOVE you guys. This is a kick ass tradition, and I might have to copy you!!

  5. SJ - The Ring was terrifying! We recently rented Ju-on thinking it would be similar but I thought it was more hilarious than scary.

    CSL - I forgot all about those Cathy Bates movies. I saw Misery at the drive-in when I was a kid and it creeped me out, for sure. Good idea!

    Sarah - I loved Hot Fuzz! It was kind of like a satirical Wicker Man. I haven't seen TDTESS, but I'd like to.

    Jasmine - Will you pleassssse play snack surprise?! I want to know what kind of snacks you get. Levi seems like a snaxpert (snack + expert). DO IT!

  6. I love the idea of snack surprise! Reading this just put a huge smile on my face...


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