Happy Halloween! What do you have planned for the evening? All I care about are old Halloween episodes of Roseanne and Treehouse of Terror. Oh, and candy corn. And dogs in costumes. Here's a little roundup of my favorite Halloweenie discoveries. Eep! Hope you like it.

A pretty good Halloween prank.

My Halloween playlist on Spotify.

Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes! Cuss yeah!

This "Crying Girl" (Roy Lichenstein) costume is totally neat.

Beautiful Dia de los Muertos sugar skull cookies. Woweeeee!

I wish these awesome fruit bats lived in my neighborhood. Aren't they the coolest?

More Design Please recently featured these these whimsical and folksy Halloween decorations from Old World Primitives. I love them.

Kurt and Harold's Sputnik 2 costume from last Halloween was featured on Mental Floss! (They are #1!)

Don't be a Sexy Panda for Halloween and 8 other festive tips.

Terrifying Halloween photographs dating back to 1855.

Every October, I get in the mood to read a good spooker. Last year I loved Steven King's Under the Dome. I just finished Justin Cronin's The Passage, a horrifying dystopian novel about a virus that transforms people into vampires. Not the pretty kind of vampires, either. Think hairless, unbearably violent, glow-in-the-dark blood fiends.

From the Whirly Bird archives:
Halloween of 2010 and 2009.
My tree bark owl mask would look lovely with this owl dress from A Beautiful Mess.
Fall mania!

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  1. that photo is beyond terrifying.

    i like Joy's list. slutty costumes get boring very quickly.i've never understood it and never will.
    most of the costumes i saw weren't slutty they just involved a lot of fake blood which is really the laziest costume ever.


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