Tiny Tuesday: Hand-knit sweaters protect penguins from toxic sludge.


Earlier this month, New Zealand experienced their worst environmental disaster in decades when a wrecked cargo tanker poured 350 tons of oil into the ocean, killing over 1,000 sea birds. To save penguins effected by the spill, knitters around the world rallied together to create hand-knit wool penguin sweaters. A New Zealand yarn store, Skeinz, organized the sweater project and provided a pattern on the store's blog. The sweaters are quite handsome - mock-neck little numbers, complete with side slits for wings! Although silly and ridiculously cute, the sweaters prevent the penguins from preening their feathers and ingesting toxic sludge. I wish I knew about this sooner, because I would surely be among the throngs of knitters creating penguin sweaters. Alas, they've already amassed more than enough to meet their goal. How awesome is that?! A proud time in knitting history, indeed. 


  1. this is the best thing i have ever seen.

  2. i wanted to do this too—such a good (and adorable) cause.


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