Craft Project: Friendship Bracelet with Clasp


I'm posting a little late in the game, but like many others this past summer, I spent some time revisiting the friendship bracelet trend of my Girl Scout days. To make them unique and new again, I tripled the thickness of the strands of embroidery thread to create sturdy 1" or  2" woven bands. In place of the traditional tie closure, I used antique brass ribbon clamps strung together with a bit of vintage chain and a tiny matching clasp. For color inspiration, I found this great site, Colour Lovers, which allows you to share and build color palettes drawn from images and photography. I think the bright chevron patterns look cute and summery on bare wrists and tan skin, but maybe some natural and monochrome versions would work well with fall sweaters and boots. What do you think? 

embroidery thread
2 ribbon clamps in the desired width of your bracelet
small length of chain (I repurposed bits from old necklaces)
3 jump rings
hot glue gun
needle nosed pliers
wire snips 

Make it! 
1. If you don't know how to make a friendship bracelet or need a refresher course, I used this great tutorial on HonestlyWTF. To make mine extra hefty, I used three strands per color. For a heathered effect, you can use three strands in slightly varying shades. (See the cream/tan heathered chevron in my pattern?) I like to use a clip board to secure my threads, but you can also pin the top knot in place or tape it to a stable surface. 

2. Once you have finished your bracelet, instead of tying off the loose ends, cut the threads right where the braid ends, leaving a frayed edge. With a hot glue gun, carefully apply a thin bead of glue along the frayed edge. You may use the eraser end of a pencil or similar object to tamp down the edges and work the glue into the threads. Do not use too much glue of the bracelet won't fit under the clamp. The glue keeps those threads neat and in place when you secure the ribbon clamp. Wait for glue to dry before adding ribbon clamp. 

3. To apply the ribbon clamp, slide the open part of the clamp over the glued edge with the teeth side facing the underside of the bracelet. Use pliers to close the clamp, being careful that the clamp is not crooked. Using the same method, attach a clamp to the other end of the bracelet. 

4. Use wire snips to cut a small length of chain needed to connect each side of the bracelet. The size of the clasp and your wrist depends on the length of chain needed. Attach a jump ring to each side of the chain. (Use pliers to bend the rings open and closed.) Attach the ring on one side of the chain to one of the ribbon clamps. Attach a jump ring and clasp to the other ribbon clamp. 

5. Put on your bracelet and close the clasp. All done! 

A summer's worth of friendship bracelet posts: 
HonestlyWTF's shares tutorials for two other versions of the classic: chain woven bracelet and friendship necklace.
Here are some classic friendship bracelets in pretty bright hues from The Purl Bee.
I was Milla Plum's about age when I made my first friendship bracelet!
Woven yarn friendship bracelets from Martha Stewart's Crafts Department.
I recently swapped bracelets with Sarah from Cracks in the Pavement. I love mine! I'll post a pic soon.


  1. Oh man!! I love that bracelet so much! Where did you get the brass clamp thingies?

  2. Thanks! I ordered them on Etsy, But I've also seen them at craft store like JoAnn's or Michael's.

  3. VERY fun, thank you for the tutorial!
    Saw a link for you at Modern Buttercup, and had to stop by for a see!


  4. This is a great tutorial.

    I linked to it on my blog today. :)


  5. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your cute bracelet on my blog!


  6. How did you attach the clamp to the end with the knot at the beginning? Did you cut the knot off and then use the glue to stop it from fraying? Love the idea - thank you!!

    1. Thanks! I ran a thin strip of glue with a glue gun along the fray before I secured the clamp. After the glue dries, trim the frayed edge and then clamp.

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  8. Too many compliments too little space, thanks!

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  10. Really Awesome Friendship Bracelet.I will give this type of friendship bracelet to my friend on friendship day..

  11. Ah, brings back fond memories! I too was a friendship bracelet addict.


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