Collection : Sanibel Island, FL

sanibel island, fl

One week ago, I was on the beach in Sanibel Island, FL. That four day birthday getaway was over in a blink, yet it has taken me this long to sort through our photos. Part of me wishes I were still there, basking in the sun like a lizard on a Florida sidewalk - NOT layered down with knits and jackets, trudging to the bus stop through the wind and spits of rain. Sigh. 

I spent one day at the beach walking along the shore, collecting shells and other found treasures. I collect bits and pieces wherever I go, then carefully arrange everything, revealing a little story of my surroundings. I always take a picture before leaving the collection for a stranger to discover. It's my favorite game. 

More Sanibel photos to come. A video too! 


  1. ha ha, mini jager bottle :)

  2. You're the coolest. I would love to discover that!

  3. The Jager was Kurt's! :D

    Aw thanks, Jasmine!


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