Tiny Tuesday: Glowing green kitties!


From NPR.org: 
The AIDS epidemic in humans is well-known. Less known is that every year, millions of cats suffer and die from the disease.
To protect cats agaist feline AIDS, the Mayo Clinic and colleagues in Japan devised a treatment with a peculiar side effect. They took monkey genes that block HIV infection and injected them into cat eggs. Kittens born from those eggs produced AIDS-resistant protein in the same cells that get infected, effectively shielding them from the disease. Their offspring are also immune.
 To tell the treated cats from the untreated ones, scientists added another simple ingredient to the mix: jellyfish genes, which makes the modified cells glow a green color.  
Oh Ne-eee-eat! An adorable, glow-in-the-dark, part-monkey/part-jellyfish, AIDS resistant super kitten! Do you guys know what this means? Not only does this imply that someday we can implement this research to have rad futuristic glow-bodies (And kittens. Gimme!), but MORE IMPORTANTLY, we are one step closer to curing human HIV and AIDS!

Read the full NPR article here. Read more on Discoverymagazine.com.

I love learny Tiny Tuesdays.

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  1. I was just listening to that story! So interesting.


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