Refreshing drink for these last days of summer.

Sandia Sunrise

Kurt is kind of a genius, ok. More specifically, he is a smoothie wizard. On a hot day, he whipped up this post-run drank for me, and it has been requested for all sweaty occasions since. In fact, I think glugging one of these straight from the blender pitcher in my running shorts will be the defining memory of the summer of 2011. I do that a lot.

He calls it a "Sandia Sunrise" because it tickles him to make up names for drinks that sound like they belong on a Chilis menu. (Don't get me started on "poppers".) Sandia means watermelon in Spanish. Here is a vague recipe from the master himself. It's more than a concept than a recipe. You'll figure it out.

Fill blender with pieces of seedless watermelon. Add a handful ice cubes, a few sprigs of fresh mint and a couple of splashes of orange juice. Blend until smooth. Drink up! 

Yummm! Such a refreshing way to celebrate these last days of summer. Happy weekend, friends.


  1. YUM! Sounds very summery. I wonder what it would taste like with a dash of vodka splashed in there? Hmm ...

  2. this looks wonderful and so refreshing! yum.


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