A good day.

picnikfile_eGWUln cupcake

Kurt accidentally went to work on his day off, but instead of going back home, he stopped by my office to surprise me with an orange spice cupcake from Cake Flour. I did not expect to see him grinning in the doorway, holding a cupcake from my favorite bakery. I sung out a few octaves higher than my inside voice, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" That's what I do when I'm truly surprised. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!" It was a pretty stellar cupcake, too. I did not eat it right away. I carried it a few blocks to my favorite lunch spot behind the flood wall. I always eat my lunch there, beside the Ohio River, while watching the steam boats and barges glide past the city. If I look straight ahead, I only see Indiana's riverbank and the train bridge - no buildings, overpasses or powerlines. It reminds me Huck and Jim rafting downstream in The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin.

Speed demon. 

In the evening, we took the dogs to the park. Harold can outrun every dog there and turn on a dime, but if an ambitious chaser even comes close to catching up, he whimpers and yelps while still in full stride. He's never been caught, but just the very notion makes him panic. 

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  1. ha ha, i love that Harold gets nervous that someone will catch him, so cute!


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