Attack of the giant knit scarves!

Sources, from top, left: 1. Haute and the City  from Vogue, September 2007 2. A Writer of a Sentence via We Heart It 3. Pinterest via Say Yes to Hoboken 4. Pinterest via Weardrobe
Fall is approaching and all I want to wear are these crazy, body-swallowing super scarves. I want to be wrapped in a big, heavy pile of hand-knit coziness so that my measly pin head looks like a cherry on top of a woolen sundae. The bigger the scarf (or cowl, technically), the better. I'll sacrifice head mobility and peripheral vision for a private cozy hiding place on my person at all times. Like a turtle's shell! I want to be a turtle.

My fidgety fingers can't wait to turn out a dozen of these babes. If you knit at a turtle's pace like me (See? Gasp! I AM a turtle!), you'll want to get started soon, perhaps tomorrow. to properly celebrate the autumnal equinox. Here's a bit of inspiration I've gathered for knitters and non-knitters alike. The top two cowls are available as knitting patterns, while the other handmade lovelies are for purchase. I'm currently knitting the Marian Cowl (below: top left) in Burly Spun cream. Pictures to come!


Sources, from top left: 
I love the texture and pattern of the bulky seed stitch. This is super easy for beginner knitters.
2. Happy Solitude Cowl by 100% Rain - Pattern
Simple knit/purl cables. 
Those giant wooden buttons! 
Brilliant, brilliant! It's a cowl, hood, and shawl + kangaroo pocket! 


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