Tiny Tuesday: Tiny vessels, vials, terrariums!


See below for photo credit/where to buy. 

Howdee, folks. While out on my walks, I often pick up little bits of nature and tuck them away in a pocket for further inspection. I curate a rotating exhibit of found treasures: fallen leaves, feathers, flowers, pebbles, mosses, egg shells, tree nuts, various dead and dried winged insects ... all of which end up arranged on a shelf or dresser next to my daily depository of pocket change, lint and hair pins. I admire them for a while, then they are replaced with new finds as they appear, usually in accordance with the seasons. Some of these miniatures would make great additions to my display, while others would make lovely homes for the bits and bobs I've collected.

From top:
1. Woodland mushroom and monarch terrarium necklace by Woodland Belle. $50.00
2. Little houses by Sarah Dingwall. $46.97 each.
3. Tiny vial ring by Sarah Dingwall. &46.97
4. Tiny jellyfish in a bottle by Tiny World in a Bottle. $25.00
5. Tiny tiny air plant collection (group of 3) by Tortoise Loves Donkey. $14.50

Here are two of my favorite collection posts:
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  1. I love these! Did you ever have one of those necklaces with your name on a tiny piece of rice inside? That's what these remind me of, lol

  2. I always wanted one! At the tourist shops, they never had my name. I almost ordered a custom one from the back pages of MAD magazine. Haha


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