Tiny Tuesday! Readers' Submissions

hund aus halben 18mm quadrat (als dreieck) von kunihiko kasahara

In the past week, so many people have showered me with tiny love! Tiny news is the best news, and it fills my face with smiles to see these mini wonders appear in my inbox or on my Facebook wall. Thank you Kara, Emily, Shannon, Mia and Kurt! 

Resources, in order as they appear: 
1. Silver Baker's Necklace by Rhonda's Treasures ($18 on Etsy).
2. Amazing nano-origami Flickr set by Faltsucht.

Don't hesitate to send more tinies my way. Email: johannainman @ gmail . com/ twitter: birdsonawire/ facebook: Johanna Ehnle. 


  1. that tiny little muffin pan with spoons is adorable.

  2. I know this is about 2 months late, but, I HAVE THAT NECKLACE!!!


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