Ice cream, you scream (or bark)!

Top: Harold & Mule <3 pooch pops! Bottom: Kurt and his Mom, Dot.  

See how our dogs grin? We took these two happy heads out for Comfy Cow ice cream! Usually in the presence of ice cream, they wait patiently beneath my cone hoping to catch a drip, but this time they were beyond stoked to receive an icy treat all to themselves. The "Pooch Pops" ($1.35 each) are made from dog friendly ingredients like blueberries, bananas, peanut butter and yogurt. I bet those taste wonderful (Sounds like a great smoothie!), but I stuck with my favorite dulce de leche, Kurt tried the saffron and his Mom had black raspberry. Yums all around.


  1. pooch pops? how adorable!

    my local gelato shop had peanut butter and banana bread flavour last night. Soooooo good.

  2. So cute! Must have been just like their birthday to have an ice cream all of their own!

  3. That is cute! Your doggies look so happy. I love the Comfy Cow - we usually try and stop there every time we come home. There, and Graeter's. hehe. We kind of plan all our trips around desserts.

  4. SJ, that gelato sounds delicious!

    Annelise, they are SO spoiled and rotten. They'll probably start to expect the birthday treatment. Haha

    Dayna, they are in the process of turning an old victorian house on Frankfort Ave into a second comfy cow! Right in my neighborhood? I'm in trouble.


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