Hanging Terrariums


Do you remember a few Tiny Tuesdays ago when I was oohing over a roundup of miniature glass terrariums? After much time spent combing Pinterest for the perfect vessels to hold my nature collection, I found myself in a fidgety sweat over these whirly hanging tea light holders from CB2. I wasted no time in ordering three (4 bucks a pop, hooray!) and starting dreaming up plans for my hanging gardens. 

I'd recently killed my only air plant, a sad little thing that shriveled up and fell behind our cabinet, to later become a toy found and claimed by Harold. My sweet cousin Kara caught wind of my loss and shipped me a big tangle of air plants pulled from the branches of the hibiscus bushes from her yard in Miami. I tucked one small plant inside each terrarium, along with a pinch of soft reindeer moss, rocks and pebbles from our travels and other random treasures I've collected: A snail shell from Sweden, Kurt's tiny Buddha statue, an acorn from a tree near the railroad tracks. I rigged them up with fishing line and hung them from my curtain rods. They twirl and sparkle in the sunlight. I'm mighty satisfied with how they turned out. 

Every week, I pull the little plants from their moss beds and soak them in a bowl of cool water for an hour. Then I remove them from their bath and give them a gentle shake dry before placing them back in their homes. Between waterings I mist them with water. So far, so good! I'd love to keep them around for a while. Anyone out there have any tips? 


These vintage Disney planters peak out from behind my curtains. Thumper holds a baby cactus and the bluebird holds one of Kara's air plants. The air plant just started sprouting tiny light pink flowers.


  1. these look amazing! i think i need some hanging plants in my kitchen (preferably something that requires low maintenance).

  2. that's a good deal on those hanging terrariums! and i've been wanting to get some vintage planters for a while now. yours are so cute!

  3. SJ, you should try air plants or succulents. I thought I saw some succulents on your blog? They're pretty easy to keep alive, I think.

    Thank, Alycia. Both planters were gifts and I love them. I recently just found plants small enough to fit in their little pots. Before I used Thumper to store toothpicks. :)

  4. Love this! <3 Let me know if I can send more! :)


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