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When Kurt and I visited Sweden in May, we were so envious of their awesome cloud-based music service, Spotify. Unlimited access to streaming music anytime, dirt cheap, if not free? I thought, Hmmph, here's another Scandinavia-inspired pipe dream, like socialized health care or 35 flavors of drinkable yogurt. So just imagine my excitement when Spotify launched in the US last month. Hip, hip! Hooray!

Spotify has a more extensive music catalogue compared to other streaming subscription services. There is excellent sound quality, no sound gaps or "buffering" issues and none of the pesky file naming errors ubiquitous with Grooveshark. The program also syncs with your iTunes and you can create collaborative playlists with friends or share through a social networking aspect (facebook integration). The basic program is free, $5 a month for the unlimited ad-free service and $10 a month for the mobile app. I'm pretty keen on it, so far. If this sounds like something you might fancy, go here to sign up. Then check out these rad-ass playlists we've made:

My playlists:

Kurt's playlists:


  1. i think kurt's playlist themes might be the best ever in the history of the world so far.

    a playlist dedicated to being in a space suit? amazing.

  2. aw, I live in ermany and they said I need an invitation to join! Pah

    On a happier note...I love your little collection of stuff, very cool

  3. Haha! He makes up a playlist for everything it seems.

    Wynnie, major bummer. Maybe Spotify will come to Germany soon.


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