Breakfast Cereal Potluck! Cartoon Marathon!

It had been years since I've had a bowl of cereal. Not the healthy kind, but those sugary ones with cartoon mascots from my childhood. These days, we don't eat much of anything that comes from a box, and while I don't miss most of that junk, I've hung on dearly to my fond memories of breakfast cereal.  As a kid, we were essentially eating candy for breakfast while watching cartoons every morning! Clearly, we knew how to party.

After dinner one night, I commented that instead of dessert, I'd love to have a small bowl of Cap'n Crunch if it didn't mean buying a whole box. It was a wish born from curiosity mostly. It used to be my favorite, but now looking back, that strange Captain with his mouth ajar, those razor sharp golden bricks? Really? That's what did it for me? I wanted to try it again for the same reason I want to drive by the house where I grew up. This thought lead us to an hour-long conversation about cereals of yore: Ghostbusters, S'mores Crunch, Urkel-O's, Mr. T, Boo Berry, Sprinkle Sprangles, the Mario/Zelda split box! Bent on some kind of nostalgia-crazed sugar craving, we dreamed up the premise for a party and last Saturday, we hosted a late-night cereal potluck. Everyone came bearing their favorite childhood cereal, milk or non-dairy substitute of choice, and we all sat in the floor watching an endless stream of cartoons. Someone even brought over a VCR and recorded Saturday morning cartoons, for authenticity. We played Jenga with cereal boxes! Kurt invented a special White Russian recipe using cereal milk (Cocoa Puff cereal milk + strong coffee and vodka). All in all, a kick-ass good time. A good time, until the next morning ....

El Capitán  Apple Jacks

Nick  Raisin Bran......

Lucky Charms  Cookie Crisp

Crunchy Nut  ?

Cocoa Crispies  Fruit Loops

Honey Smacks  Honey Smacks
Our cereals of choice!

Was cereal really as good as I remember? Nope, not by a long shot. I ate a lot of it, just to be sure. Three servings in plastic red party bowls, reminiscent of the red party ubiquitous at keg parties. Fun at first, even tasty, but the sugar and milk combination left an unsettling film on my tongue and the next day, I felt sluggish and gross. Like a hangover, only smellier. I swear, during my workout, I was sweating sour milk. I'm bewildered that my wild, one-night stand with breakfast cereal left me feeling cheated and poisoned, yet children are still fed bowls of the stuff every day - in schools even! Yikes. I think I've quelled my cereal craving for another twenty years!

What was your favorite cereal growing up? I know a few folks whose parents wouldn't let them have it, and that's probably the kind of parent I'll turn out to be, especially after my cereal hangover.


  1. Wish I had thought to hold the box correctly...and or not look like a 'tard.

  2. I like your picture the most! You look especially enthusiastic.

  3. Once a year my mom would let my sister and I each buy a box of sugared cereal. I would usually get Lucky Charms (I have a thing for marshmallows) and my sister would get Golden Grahams or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, both of which I hated but I don't think that was her motivation.

  4. Oh man, I was so excited to have some cereal at the start of this post, and then the hangover made me sad. Sweating sour milk...ick! Sounds like fun though!

  5. every time i visit the US, i HAVE to check out a supermarket because you guys have the most insane supermarkets. and as soon as i'm in the supermarket, I go straight to the cereal aisle because every time i do it, i am blown away by the selection and all the sugar those boxes contain!

    we don't have quite the same variety over here (who am i kidding, i think we have about 1/8 of the selection) but amazingly my parents were totally fine with us eating cocoa pops and fruit loops nearly every single day. i'm trying to remember if we crashed from the sugar high as soon as we got to school?

  6. Too bad Hilary couldn't go! Cereal for dessert is her favorite thing. Though usually she gets the tasteless healthy kind and puts maple syrup on it!

  7. what a fun idea! makes me smile just thinking of your night. corn-pops, fruity pebbles and honey-combs were probably at the top of my list.

  8. My fave was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Still amazing. For nostaglia sake, I bought a box about a year ago and felt soo gross afterwards.
    My brother's was Lucky Charms and my mom always made sure to have this when he came to stay with us. I was the worst sister because I used to eat the all the marshmallows and leave the plain nasty cereal.

  9. Cap'n Crunch Oops All Berries! I loved that stuff.

    Netflix added a bunch of 80s cartoons to Watch Instant, so my husband and I have been watching random episodes of, like, Heathcliff and Care Bears. Those cartoons were really pretty bad! Totally nonsensical plots and terrible voice acting. Yet I probably watched hundreds of hours of them as a kid. Good times.


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