Weekend Roadtrip

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Here's a little peek at our weekend. A three-hour road trip through Ohio's cornfields took us to the Crew Stadium, where we watched our favorite MLS team (Portland Timbers) take on the Columbus Crew. Although our team lost, we won in the good times department: Pho and iced coffees at North Market, dollar beer night, Timbers Army soccer chants, shopping on High Street, Hounddog's Pizza, and dessert for breakfast (Nutella-fileld Swedish pancakes, YUM!) at Katalina's Cafe Corner. Night felt like a slightly inebriated version of seventh grade - the six of us squeezed into a hotel room at midnight, watching SNL and eating candy from the gas station. This was essentially a reenactment of last year's Ohio adventure.

Hang right here for a minute, friends. There is a very green and gold photo post coming up!

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