Weekend in Pictures.

Deam Lake
Deams Lake / Horse Recreational area and campground.

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Considering changing my career to sandwich artist. Look at this masterpiece!

The sandwich was so enormous, it stuck out of my Baggu backpack.  I liked to pretend that it was a Samurai sword. 

Favorite Summer Beer, Dogfish Festina Peche / Chicago-style hot dog "dragged through the garden"

We walked across the train tracks to see the July 4th parade. 

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Harold is such a polite and astute young dog. He watched the parade with great interest.  While he wasn't frightened by the howling fire engines, the Shriners driving go-carts seemed to really chap his ass.

 Antique car parade on Frankfort Ave. 

Enjoyment of one's birthday.
Bleacher Giggle Crew
A wizard riding a parahna in a swimming pool / Louisville Rovers v. Forest City London (Bottom photo by Bryan Volz.)

The weekend consisted of a beer festival, family picnic, 6 mile hike, 8 mile bike ride, sandwich artistry, backyard cookout, chicago style hot dogs, lounging in a hammock, pool party, roman candles, July 4th Parade,  mexi-cokes, burritos, bike rides, soccer match and a stressful lesson in driving a manual transmission automobile. I'm pooped!


  1. samurai sword sandwich! awesome!

  2. you had me at beer festival :)

  3. Oooo...Festina Peche is one of my favorite summer beers too :)

  4. i want that big, giant, samurai-sword sandwich!!


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