Tiny Tuesday! Tiny Hamburgers (featuring Gretel, the kitty!)


Today's Tiny Tues is devoted to my favorite comfort food, only shrunken. Tiny hamburgers seem to be a trend lately, have you noticed? I think it's genius - concentrated cuteness in one tasty bite.

From top:
1. The smallest hamburger ever! This mini meal is totally edible and accurate down to the tiniest detail. It was whipped up by a creative couple on the Craftser Forums. Go here to see more photos of the process.
2. Katie from What Katie Ate made these kickass beef and pork sliders with spicy relish for her 4th of July celebration. I adore this food blog. Her recipes, styling and photographs are flawless. She shares the recipe here.
3. Sweet Jasmine and her husband Levi over at An Experiment in Poverty made a Tiny Tuesday inspired mini cheeseburger for their kit-cat, Gretel. Go see! A bit of trivia: Gretel's nickname is snack-pack! She's so presh and my heart skips when I catch glimpses of her in Jasmine's photos.


  1. i went to a party where a friend served mini hamburgers- they were the best! i think i may have squeeled when i saw them in all their mini glory.

  2. Hahahaha! I love it!! This is fantastic, Johanna!


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