About Town: Please & Thank You


A few afternoons ago, Kurt and I took our butts over to Market Street's newest little coffee/treat/record shop, Please & Thank You. They seem to be experts in hot tracks, tasty snacks and fancy-pantsed coffee drinks that you won't find anywhere else. Stuff like (gasp!) ganache lattes and Thai iced coffees, Yum!  Little displays of brownies, cinnamon buns and cookies were grouped around the counter where a smiley cashier rung us up on an iPad because we live in the future! Then, we settled into one of the big, rustic, wooden tables facing the window. I pinched the chubby leaf of the succulent plant that decorating our table and sipped on my Thai Iced coffee (cold-brewed coffee served in an old-timey pop bottle with a glass of sweetened condensed milk and ice).  Then my mozzarella, pepperonata and pesto sandwich was delivered in a little wire basket. Kurt had the watermelon and goat cheese salad and Spanish latte. Next level deliciousness. 

Please & Thank You: Website, Tumblr, Facebook.


  1. such a cute post. the food & drinks look great...the cinnamon buns sounds amazing too!


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