Tiny Tuesday: Baby pygmy hippo.

Photo by Bobby-Jo Vial at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia via Geekosystem.

This is rosey-cheeked dear is a pygmy hippo calf, recently born at the Taronga Zoo in Syney, Australia. Her name is "Monifa", which means "I am lucky" in Nigerian. She struggled through her first weeks on Earth, but thanks to the zookeepers at Taronga, she's now doubled in weight and shows signs of play - like doing somersaults in the bathtub! Isn't she the sweetest thing? You can go to the photographer/zookeeper's flickr account for more adorable photos.

Pymgy hippos are a rare, endangered species of hippopotamus that grow to be only half of the size of the more common Nile hippo. (Won't be tiny for long!) Their natural habitat is a small pocket of dense, swampy forests of West Africa. Learn more about them here.


  1. How sweet! I like this story, a lot!

  2. Wow this is so cool! You always find the coolest things for tiny tuesday!


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