Scion xd     .

Beeeeep, beep! We just bought a new car. Isn't she a beauty, Clark? I'm not really keen on automobiles (That's a whole 'nother story, coming soon no doubt, but for now I'll just say that I prefer to walk or bike) but the time had finally come for us to replace the our old jank tank with a pretty, economical, fluorescent white Scion XD. All vehicular phobias aside, I love this car a lot! It looks like a tiny space ship. I'm going to drive it to the moon!

Buying a car is really fun when you plan for it and have a down payment squirreled away. I can't believe we're this responsible. I'm a married home owner and car owner. How did this happen? Someone reminded me that just the other day I mistakenly wore two different running shoes to the gym. Apparently, I can barely dress myself, but at least I'm beginning to grasp the whole don't-spend-your-paycheck-on-candy-and-comic-books thing.  Kurt turned 30 this year and we giggled for nearly two hours about the fact that he was 30. Kurt. As a kid, I was certain that being 30 resembled something akin to that snoozer of a comic strip Apartment 3-G. "Who reads this crap, anyway?" I'd say. But in my head, I'd rationalize, "30-year-olds, probably." Nope. Not us. We have savings accounts, worry about interest rates and ponder the age-defying promises of minuscule tubes of eye cream, but we also climb trees, fall asleep in the grass and make silly faces at young children when their parents aren't looking. And the car we traded? It may have had had dried chocolate ice cream smeared on the steering wheel.


  1. it DOES look like a little spaceship!!!

    so does this mean you're going to learn to drive? ;)

  2. Well. I finally have my permit again for the fourth time in my life. I can drive, but I don't ever do it and I am still kinda nervous. I'm only familiar with driving an automatic and this new car is a manual, so right when I feel like I can drive, I'm faced with a whole new challenge. But now that we have this car, I'm a little more motivated. :)


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