Sausage Saturday


Sausage Saturday / Summer Jam: The Lucky Ones by Pride Tiger.

Hii-o! Happy first day of summer, friendlies.  Over the weekend, Kurt and I attempted to cram the essence of summertime into one afternoon by hosting our first Sausage Saturday, an invite-all-our-buds backyard barbecue. This event called for 10+ feet of homemade sausage, all the beer in the world and various pyrotechnics of questionable legality. 

We were granted use of Kurt's Mom's lovely and accommodating backyard, fired up the grill, and spent most of the day laughing with beers in our hands. When the bottles ran dry, they were filled with bottle rockets. When the night crept in, the soccer ball, hula hoops and bocce ball were replaced with fireworks and sky lanterns. Our better judgement faded with each passing hour, and by the end of the night, two of our flaming lanterns were snagged in the trees. Naturally, we attempted to shoot the lanterns down with bottle rockets (fail), in an ironic attempt to save the neighborhood from potential disaster. Luckily, the flames burned out without consequence and we spent the rest of the night parked in lawn chairs, trapped in a dream-like state of boozy/overfed wonder. Kurt captured most of the events on video (above).

Why a sausage fest? Maybe you remember me mention my occasional Friday night dates with a food grinder and a tub of hog casings. But shockingly, we haven't yet made our own sausages for a barbecue, which is quite shameful, I think. To rectify the situation, Kurt and I stayed up late one night last week making cartoonishly long ropes of homemade merguez, a spicy North African lamb and beef sausage spiked with cilantro, garlic, cayenne and paprika. I also made up a couple of platters of grilled, bite-sized, bacon-cheeseburgers (ground bacon and chuck, topped with melted goat gouda on mini pretzel buns!) All that aside, we're not usually as meat-centric as it would seem- I mean, it was a barbecue for Pete's sake! To lend balance to the carnivorous offerings, we grilled corn on the cob and I made two giant bowls of rainbow slaw and Mediterranean wheat berry salad. Recipes are on the way. 

Note: Our camera died early on, but so many of our friends took lots of great pictures. Here is a hodge-podge of photos I've collected from the day. Photographers other than myself are noted, unless watermarked (Bryan Volz). You can click photos to be taken to Flickr for a closer look and additional cyber lurking. :)

Stone Chimp
K Ehnle
From top:  It's not Kentucky without bizarro yard art. Kurt as grill master.


Homemade merguez. Our friend Bryan came dressed as a hot dog! 
Also note: Kurt is drinking both beer AND wine. Maniac.
C Love
My pretty friends, from top: Tricia and Melody, Brandilyn + Brandon and their pup Lilly, Cathy.

DJ Tidy Cat
Sparkler Motion
From top: drawing a crowd, DJ Tidy Cat, Maki dog, Brad and Adam C.

From top left: Beth/Andrew/Harold, Emily/Brent/Maki, Brennen/Leah, Cathy/my head.

Kurt and Mule. Wayne and Harold. Little Oscar jumps through hoops for Brent. Brennen and Leah.
(Photos by Emily.)

Sweet shades.

Harold and his pappy.
Harold and his Pappy.

Melody's instagrams: 
I'm wearing a romper, holding a sparkler in a lawn chair. Summer mission accomplished!

260185_2173277457855_1424363246_4519190_5267647_n 260570_2173276857840_1424363246_4519186_5839199_n
Adam S. hula hooping. Kurt and hot dog-horse-wizard man.

When Bryan wasn't taking photos, he was wearing a hot dog costume.

Beth comforted Harold. He was frightened by the man-sized hot dog.

See my friend Beth in the floral dress? She's been my best pal since 6th grade. We've lived in different states (countries, even) for nearly a decade, but whenever we meet up it's like we both morph back into our goofy high school selves, speaking our own silent language of facial expressions, reciting funny memories and yodeling made-up gibberish at each other.  At our peak silliness, outsiders don't usually know what to make of it. They probably think I'm having facial ticks or talking in tongues. Now she lives in Chicago, but she caught wind of the barbecue and randomly showed up unannounced with her boyfriend, Andrew! (That was them dancing a jig in the video.) I wasn't expecting them and when they walked up, I sat in my lawn chair squinting in their direction, trying to figure out who they were. When I realized who it was, I exclaimed, "WHAT!!!!!" Haha! Best surprise ever. 

Adam C. with a horsey head.

Rocket Chubbs
Top: Brad dog whispering. Bottom: Bottle rockets!

High Times
Kurt and Nick launch the fated sky lanterns.


  1. i think I need to move to Kentucky and befriend you guys. You won't even notice, I'll just quietly slip into your life and it will be like i was always there! Not creepy at all!

  2. Come visit & see how you like it!

  3. That all looks like you are having entirely too much fun! Aw, I bet that was an awesome surprise! Yay Beth.

    Love the Sausage Saturday logo, and your recent videos are making me covet a Flip fish eye lens.

  4. SJ- What Kurt said! Come visit. :)

    Dayna- The flip fisheye is pretty fun. It's like a little magnet piece that sticks over the camera lens.

  5. This looks like the best time ever!! We're a week away from being Louisville residents - can't wait!


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