Hammock days.

This summer, Kurt and I have traded the confines of our home for a nomadic outdoor lifestyle requiring only our new portable hammock, a couple of trees and few summer essentials.


Swamplandia by Karen Russell $14 - Next on my summer reading list.

Alana | BRIXTON sun hat, $68 - I'm sweet on these big floppy hats. I'd wear mine with cutoffs, sandals and a this shirt that reminds me of the movie Point Break.

Portable Double Parachute Hammock, $51 - Hammock Bliss boasts "The best camping hammocks in the universe!" We love our two person portable hammock made from lightweight, extra durable parachute fabric. It is soft, quick-drying and mildew resistant. These come with a suspension system made from sturdy climbing rope.

Forever21 aviator sunglasses, $6 - In a hammock, sleep creeps up on me with little warning. I fall into a deep catatonic coma. When I wake, my sunglasses are embedded into my cheek and a lens is cracked. That's how hardcore hammock sleep is. For this reason, cheap sunglasses are key.

Waterproof Picnic Rug with Carrying Straps - Ropes, $32 - The perfect picnic blanket! Cotton with waterproof underside in nautical rope print.

Amber glass growler. One of Kurt's weekend goals is to drink no less than three beers while lounging in the hammock. For such an occasion, we like to go to Whole Foods and fill up a growler's worth.

BBQ Bucket Grill, $19 - Kurt and I noticed these cute portable grill buckets in shop windows all over Sweden. We take picnics quite seriously and I've been coveting one ever since. I love their style and simplicity.

Perrier Pamplemousse Rose $1.79 - Pink grapefruit flavored soda water, my summer drink of choice.


  1. I'm loving that hat! This is definitely one of the best ways to spend the summer :)

  2. a hammock would be the first thing i got if i had a yard. that grapefruit soda water is my summer drink of choice as well, super tasty. love your list!!

  3. Debbie- We don't have a yard either and it is the pits. Thankfully, it's a portable hammock. That's why we're nomadic, because we just roam around looking for trees to tie it to. :) It's awesome.

  4. OH! that is just brilliant. :)

  5. hardcore hammock sleeping, now we're talking!

    if i see a hammock, i HAVE to lie on it, i have no choice in the matter. THere's just something really novel about them and there is nothing better than napping in one or reading a book.

  6. I'm the same way! Hammock sleeps are the best.


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