Tiny Tuesday! *This little light of mine*

Photo credit: CATERS NEWS AGENCY LTD, via DailyMail.

Happy Tiny Tuesday! This peeper bit off a little more than he could chew. How festive! Don't worry, the tree frog was not harmed. Shortly after arriving at the scene, the photographer heroically pulled the twinkle light out from the illuminated croaker and he returned to his usual froggy life. He must have mistaken the bulb for a tasty bug! 

From DailyMail
Something was making this little fellow feel all warm inside. Unfortunately for him, it was a blinking fairy light. The Cuban tre frog managed to swallow an entire bulb as he hunted for bugs. Photographer James Snyder, whose Florida garden is festooned with lights, spotted him all it up in a mango tree.
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  1. What an amazing picture to capture!

    I'm new to your blog - my husband and I are moving to Louisville soon from Chicago and I want to find other Louisville bloggers! I'm excited to have found you!

    Also, I'm hosting a necklace giveaway on my blog, you should come check it out :)

  2. Haha. I love that photo! I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  3. Hi there, Mo Pie! Louisville is an awesome city. I actually know a few Chicagoan transplants living here, and everyone seems to like a lot. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! I've lived here al my life.

    Thanks, Jennifer!


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