Tiny Tuesday: Dollhouses that will give you the creeps.

Dioramas by Marc Giai Miniet via fastcodesign.com

Someone shrunk my nightmares so that they fit neatly inside a dollhouse.

From Fast Company's Co.Design, "The Scariest Dollhouses We've Ever Seen" [Slideshow]:

Marc Giai-Miniet is a French artist who looks like Santa Claus and works like a madman, building much of his livelihood on small, fastidiously complex dollhouses, some just 36 inches long and 35 inches wide.

Mind you, these are not the dollhouses of little girls’ dreams. They’re packed to the rafters with dusty books and miners’ bins and dirty clawfoot tubs, with a blackened submarine thrown in here, a statue of the Virgin Mary there. One house, called Le grand digĂ©rant (“The large one digesting”), has a giant, gloopy intestine where most would put the parlor room. Giai-Miniet is round about what’d you get if Kafka had earned his keep designing Barbie dreamhouses.

But ... but WHY? Go here to read whole article and see the slideshow. 

P.S. Dollhouses are neat, but what about miniature houses? Katie, a fellow miniature enthusiast, just posted an adorable Etsy roundup of miniature houses on her blog today.

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  1. These pictures are awesome! I really love your blog so much!!


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