Nerd Alert! Fungus among us.

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Hi hi. Come along on a little mushroom hunt with us? 

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Witches' Butter - Tremella Mesenterica

This jelly fungus grows on deciduous wood. It's actually edible and has the consistency of a gummy bear. The field guide suggests dropping them in soup. Dare me to eat one? 

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Tiny, bright, candy-colored mushrooms. They are very pretty - Look but don't eat! These grow in bunches on decaying wood and twigs.

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Ah-ha! There's what we're looking for. They have many aliases (dry land fish, merkle) and are so tasty sauteed in butter with a little salt and pepper. Find them growing on the woodland floor in April and early May, when the mornings are still crisp and day-time highs are in the 70's. This is probably our last morel find of the season. 

P.S. Kurt took all of these with the Instagram app on his iPhone. (Are we friends on Instagram? My username is Whirlybird.) If you'd like to see through the eyes of my other half, his username is Vietnamted.

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  1. So awesome! I've been wanting to go mushroom hunting with my mother!


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