I'm back (with vacation movies)!

Justin, Johanna and Kurt go to Sweden

Hello friends! We just returned from vacation. I have lots to tell you and an enormous collection of photos to share, but for now, here's a little video that Kurt made of our Sweden adventures in Stockholm, Visby and the Swedish archipelago. The unfamiliar faces are our travel partner and Kurt's best friend, Justin (bearded one), and our friend and gracious host, Joakim.

We filmed this with our Flip Mino HD and the Opteka .2x fisheye lens and edited the movie with iMovie. The song is Heartbeats by our favorite Swede band, The Knife. Check back tomorrow for never ending photos and more vacation chatter. 

Bonus clip*:

Justin and the Tomten

*I embarrassed everyone with my obsession with the Nordic Tomten (Kind of like Santa, but mischievous and miniature). After dragging three men into a Tomten store in touristy Gamla Stan, I acquired my own Tomten and carried him all around Stockholm, sneaking his head into photos and creepily placing him on Kurt's shoulder or tickling his neck with Tomten's beard. The boys were not impressed, though we did eventually coax Justin into snuggling Tomten after much harassment. 


  1. can't wait to see all the photos!

    i think next time i go on holiday, i need to take videos. Lachlan loathes video cameras but i'm going to force him to love them and partake in my holidays movies!

  2. You should! Videos are so much fun but I'll admit, while filming it's hard not to wonder if you're being annoying. Also, with a video camera there no way to avoid feeling like that dorky tourist. I love our home movies though, so it's totally worth it. It would be so neat to see you guys in a movie! Pictures sometimes only tell half the story.


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