I did it! Mini-Marathon Recap

I finished!

I did it! I finished the Mini Marathon with a smile on my face, which is more than I was hoping for. The first 8 miles were such a breeze. The crowd and my adrenaline had tricked my brain into running at a faster pace, and I floated along laughing and waving! And then, GUHUH. I hit a wall. It was a goocher. For the next four miles was all about mind over matter. I nearly stopped, I nearly barfed. At mile 12, I heard the finish line announcer's muffled voice in the distance. I ran the last mile with new legs and finished with a wobbly sprint. Hooray! So much fun. 

The best part: At the last minute, Kurt decided to run with me for support. My husband is a wild animal. He ran the whole 13.1 miles with no preparation, no training, and a belly full of chili mac. He ran along side me, sometimes skipping and running backwards, clearly not challenged at all (he has super human spidey strength). He kept me motivated by telling me how many burgers and beers we were going to destroy later. At the last mile, he sprinted ahead to video tape me cross the finish line! He doesn't even like running! 

No, actually the best part: At mile 7, Kurt screamed MILLER TIME and spontaneously grabbed a bottle of beer from a crowd of frat boys cheering beside the road. (Mind you, it was about 8:45 AM.) Runners and spectators cheered as he guzzled it down, still keeping his pace, while slapping fives with several little boys standing on the sidewalk. He repeated this behavior when we rounded back through at mile 10. He seemed completely unphased by the alcohol + 13.1 miles. When we returned home, I practically blacked out on the couch while he ate the rest of the leftover chili mac. Seriously. 

Really, truly the best part, I promise: We raised $320 for Love146! Thank you so much for your support. It's not too late to donate, or find out more ways you can help the cause. Jen, the organizer of the Bloggers for Love, is still training for her second full marathon. Hop over to JenLovesKev and say hello and wish her luck!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, Kurt filmed this awesome, dorky video of me running in the marathon, complete with my Jillian Michael's inspired warm-up moves. Briefly, I stole the camera to document his mid-run Miller Time episode.

Post-run Celebration:

 Bluegrass Burgers and chocolate bourbon pecan ice cream from Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen!
Buddies @ Nach Bar. I got a little woozy after one beer. Kurt drank *2* while running!?

Whenever I exhaust myself in any way, I terribly, desperately want a hamburger. Always. Veggie burger, bison burger, lamb burger, hamburger - I'll eat them all. I'm always on the quest for the best burger in Louisville.  The new Bluegrass Burgers on Frankfort Ave. is tops so far! Yum! Local bison burger with bacon, cheese and avocado. Jeez. Burger bliss! Then we had a round of delicious beers at Nach Bar, followed by the Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen's Derby exclusive, bourbon chocolate pecan fudge ice cream. Totally warranted post-race of gluttony fest. I went home and fell asleep at 8 o'clock. 


  1. I deliberately made the still frame what it was!

  2. the first thing i did after finishing the ocean swim earlier in the year was eat ice cream because i sure as hell deserved it!

    i love that kurt felt the need to capture you coming out of the port-a-loo :)

  3. that is so awesome! congrats on finishing. i wish i had the energy and stamina of your hubby!

  4. SJ- Yes, he certainly has an eye for capturing the moment. Hehe. There were lots of clips of me on the edge of collapse, and they were NOT flattering. At least he showed some discretion there. :)

    Kelsey - Thank you! And i wish I did too. He has spidey strength.

  5. Congratulations, what an amazing accomplishment! My race is in a couple of weeks and it's not nearly as far as yours and I'm still struggling to complete the distance. I am very jealous of your hubby right now.

  6. Thanks, Ana! Don't worry, the adrenaline and the atmosphere will give you the extra push to finish. Before the mini, I had only barely ran 10 miles as my longest run, and that was two weeks before! I didn't even run much those two weeks before, and I was able to push through. It's amazing what our bodies can do. I read that runners will run the first leg of the race with their legs, the second leg with their minds and the last with their hearts. It's definitely mind over matter. You can do it! Good luck with your race.

  7. Congratulations on making it to the finish - really inspiring! I'm kinda sorta thinking of signing up for a half in the fall, and your description of your race makes it sound not so scary! : )

    Your husband is a madman. haha. No training?!? That's awesome.

  8. You should do the half, Dayna! You've already been running so it won't be as hard. I promise it's not too bad. I used the Fitness Magazine training schedule and it was really reasonable (3 runs per week). You'll feel really accomplished after. :)


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