DIY Inspiration: Glass


(From top, left to right) Glass crafts to make or purchase: 
1. Karen's tabletop fire pit - DIY tutorial on Design Sponge.
2. Kate's log dome display jar - DIY tutorial on Design Sponge.
3. Recycled IBC cream soda bottle glasses by Yava Glass on Etsy,    $28 for set of four.
4. Recycled wine bottle lantern by First Step Designs on Etsy
5. Mason jar soap dispenser, $20 at Terrain.
Lately I've been inspired by all the clever recycled or handmade glass projects seen around Pinterest and in my favorite online shops. I've always been drawn to natural elements paired with sunlight and clean lines, and nothing fits the bill better than a pretty bottle collection in a window or a little glass terrarium.  With the spring sunshine filtering through our windows, I've got the urge to surround myself with shiny reflective things. I'm like my old Parakeet, Clara, who nearly tap danced at the sight of a compact mirror. Here I am, scheming up plans to hang flickering wine bottles from my ceiling, which is not too far from the bird toys we'd hang in Clara's cage. We're not too different, people and parakeets.  

And another thing. I love old bottles. I always knew there was a better way to showcase them, and now armed with some good inspiration, I think I can do their beauty justice (exhibit 3, 4, 5). The bottle thing is an inherited love. My grandmother has an extensive, carefully curated antique bottle collection lining the walls of her garage from floor to ceiling. For years she'd sneak out to fresh construction sites to dig up ancient bottles after the workers had gone home. My trespassing grandma with a garden trowel. When she first met Kurt, she took him by the arm down the gravel driveway to her beloved bottle hoard. Although this meeting was confidential, Kurt revealed to me that she gestured to her bottles with one long sweeping wave, dubbing him the next heir to her bottle empire. Like a dowry of sorts. Can you imagine his enthusiasm?

Now, enough chit chat. Where to start? All I need are some old jars and bottles, a steady hand, a glass cutter and some nerve. 


  1. i love the indoor fire pit, i think it would make a room so nice and cosy!

    Wanna come do the mongol rally with me? :)

  2. Glass = gorgeous and simple decor! Love these!


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