Carry on.

This is the contents of my carry-on bag for our 14 hour flight. This time we packed our own lunch since airline meals give me the jeebies. I always bring an extra large scarf that can double as a blanket. If I'm going to another land, I like to read literature from or about my destination. I'm kinda nerdy like that. (Tiny Fey's Bossypants - exception to the rule). What do you like to pack in your carry-on bag?


  1. yesss The Long Ships!!! and Bossypants too . . i'm listening to the audio book now and it's kind of superb. i also love that scarf.

    i've never taken such a long flight, so i have no idea what i would carry on with me. definitely my ipad (books+movies+other entertainment), snacks, and a big water. and i'd most likely wear on a big sweatshirt because i always freeze on flights. i have no idea what else would be appropriate for that amount of time. have a great trip!!


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