Tiny Tuesday! Cookie, Cincinatti Zoo's Little Penguin.

It's Tiny Tuesday! Happy happy! Here is something extra special. ^

His name is Cookie, and he is a Little Penguin, the world's most miniature species of penguin. Originally from New Zealand, he currently takes up residence at the Cincinnati Zoo, reportedly acting as the bird house' mascot. Watch his adorable reaction to being tickled! Jeez Louise, I can't take it! I may have to make a trip to Cincinnati soon just to see him. 


  1. that is waaaaaay too cute. i can't believe penguins can giggle! tee hee!

    not long till your trip to sweden, how exciting!

  2. Almost here! They don't have penguins in Sweden, but they do have similar sea birds that look like tiny penguins - auks! Maybe I can tickle one.


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