Tiny Tuesday! Bear cubs are the cutest.


Bear cubs! Gosh. If I could have an hour of no-death-attached bear cub time, I'd stuff its adorable barrel-shaped body into a Baby Bjorn and wear him around while lovingly applying a few noogies to the crown of his fuzzy little head. Then, we'd spend the rest of the time tumbling down grassy hills, steamroller style. When I was a kid, rolling down hills was my favorite game, and that just seems like something bear cubs would be into. Of course, this is just a pipe dream, because in reality, Mother Bear would dismember me before I could get the first paw through the baby carrier's leg hole. Dreams.

Photo sources - Top, via Daily Squee. Bottom, left: Miniature Bear Pattern by TSminibears on Etsy. Bottom, right: Bear Cubs by Ron Niebrugge / Flickr

Also, THIS:

Thank you, Tricia C., for sharing this adorable YouTube for Tiny Tuesday. You are a true Tinymaniac. ::Salutes::

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