Race day is tomorrow!

I'm the only Ehnle.
Holy smokes, the race is tomorrow! 
I think (hope!) I'm ready for the mini. I feel really confident, but I've also missed a few runs lately. I haven't had a seriously long run in about two weeks because of the torrential/tornadic weather. Instead, I've been doing my usual workout routine and cross training 5 days a week, so I hope that is enough to carry me through. My goal is to finish and have a good time. 
All I have left to do is rest, carb up (Yes! Pasta! I can get behind this idea), lay out my running gear and get to bed early. My pee is super clear! Hydration victory!

In case you missed my previous race posts, I'm running to raise money for Love146, a great organization focused on ending child slavery and exploitation all over the world. Please take a moment to read their story. If you'd like to participate, you may donate on my fundraising page, here. Thank you!

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