New Favorite Thing: Baby Baggu Bag

My new elephant print Baby Baggu!

When it comes to purse preference, I tend to gravitate toward gigantic satchels with lots of pockets and a sturdy shoulder strap. They're usually large enough to fit several pounds of books, snacks, a scarf, Nalgine bottle, notebook, and other miscellaneous crap that I've deemed important like folded pieces of paper, found objects, fortune cookie fortunes, plastic spoons and napkins, receipts and candy. As if this weren't ridiculous enough, I also often carry a smaller purse inside my purse. I jokingly refer to my smaller purse as the "getaway bag." It only holds the things that matter: wallet, keys, phone. I figure that if I need to make a break for it, whether it be for a foot race, police ambush, mugging (I've been mugged twice!) or quick skip to the coffee shop, I can shed the heft and spring forth as a lighter, more mobile me. JohannaLite. I know it's really silly.

But now that the weather has warmed up, Kurt and the dogs and I are always on the go. We walk everywhere. We ride bicycles. As long as the sun is shining, we are outside. We hike, picnic, lay in the grass and explore places near and far away. We get dirty a lot. I still feel an obsessive urge to carry things, but lugging a big bag crosses the line from being a funny quirk to downright illogical and burdensome. I need something all-purpose, simple and smaller, because if there is extra space, I have the compulsion to fill it, even if it defies posture and sense. And besides, my spine is starting to feel like a crushed coke can under all the weight. It's time to start fresh and liberate myself from my bag lady ways. I'm going to be JohannaLite all the time.

This type of catharsis obviously calls for .... acquiring more stuff. More bags! It's good, though, I promise! I've replaced my leather monster with a couple of Baby Baggus. These little reusable grocery sacks are made of lightweight, ripstop material, they're washable, come in cute colors and the best part, they fold up into a tiny pouch when I'm not using them. I've been toting mine around everywhere.

Is it bad that my new purse is a reusable grocery bag? In my summer clothes, these look a lot cuter on my shoulder than a hulking messenger. My smaller, fancier purses would work, but they don't quite look right with trail sneakers and tank tops. So. Baggu is my new summer jam.


We walked to the library the other day to return our library books. Can you guess which ones were Kurt's? (Hint: He's taken on a new hobby ad it isn't crafting.) After we dropped off our books, I folded up my Baggu and stuffed it in my pocket. I felt so free! Haha. 


For our vacation to Sweden next month, I'm thinking about getting one of Baggu's little canvas back packs. Tempting, tempting. I'm gonna need something to carry home all my tiny wooden dala horses. 

P.S. My favorite things are just that. I don't work or advertise for Baggu, I'm just a fan. 


  1. i have one of these bags (i don't think it's the same brand but definitely the same concept) and i LOVE it. anything that is light and small and can fit into my purse makes me a happy camper!

  2. I have one of their backpacks. It's the perfect size, but the straps are part of the drawstring that closes the top, and it can be a little hard to open and get the straps to be the same length. But it does come in handy and still looks cute, so that's something.

  3. SJ - I think they are pretty clever. I love sticking one in my pocket and being able to bring it out whenever I happen to collect things while I'm out and about.

    Mia - Thanks! Good to know! I think I'm going to get one, but your comment has helped me rethink what it will be used for. I won't be carrying very much - just a book, wallet keys. Things I'd put in my purse. I think while traveling it would be more convenient to be able to carry that stuff as a backpack and free up my arms.


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