My big hair.

Before. Kalen has her work cut out for her.
My hair is so BIG and so thick! If I let it go too long, it
becomes quite wild, heavy and non-compliant, like having a 50 pound feral dog attached to my head. I tame the beast with various knots, braids and up-do's reminiscent of birds' nests. My hands are becoming very dexterous keeping these locks in line.

And perhaps this is too much information, but you could knit an entire village sweaters with the amount of hair I shed. My stylist says we all shed 100 hairs a day, so I guess I shouldn't be alarmed. Kurt says that sometimes my hairbrush looks like a wig with a handle on it. (Random nerd fact: the average a person has 100,000 strands in a full head of hair, which means it would take me 2.7 years at 100 strands per day to collect enough loose hairs to make one wig! ::pushes glasses up::)

After. My head weighs a few tons lighter.
Despite all of these wearisome and admittedly trivial hair woes, having this thick mop only makes a good haircut more appreciated. I would go as far to say that it's euphoric. Getting my hair cut is probably the most treasured, most expensive, semi-regular indulgence in my otherwise frugal, non-fussy routine. But if you do it right, you don't only gain a snappy new 'do that makes you feel pretty and is easy to manage for many weeks after, but also a lovely chat and an hour or two of top-notch relaxation. To me, that is worth every penny.

Ladies and gents in the Louisville area: If this sounds like what you're looking for, I suggest you go see Kalen at Fierce. Thanks to her expert handiwork, I have this fancy fresh haircut. (The style she calls "The Dina.")


  1. your new cut looks fabulous! i need to go to the hairdresser soon as well. i always dread how much it's going to cost but it's always worth it when you walk out with a spring in your step (unless of course they do a less than stellar job and we've alllll been there once or twice).

  2. I shed a lot too, especially when my hair is longer. My drains are constantly clogged. Between my hair and cat hair, black tshirts are no match for me.

  3. SJ- I know exactly what you mean. I've experienced the ups and downs of haircut aftermath. You should post a before and after when you get a haircut too! I love new haircut pics. :)

    Cathy - I don't ever wear lack for that reason. Kurt has a dozen black tshirts and I'm always chasing after him with the lint roller. Haha


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