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Sarah from Cracks in the Pavement recently tagged me for a round of 7 Things. Sarah is one of the voices that regularly chimes in on my comments section and brightens my day. She writes a pretty cozy blog documenting her day-to-day life in Sydney, Australia. Also worth noting, we are united in our love of sausage dogs, and that is a bond that cannot be broken, even if our friendship has been limited to the small constraints of Blogland.

Every now and then, I tend to spout off these random facts about myself. You can read two similar posts here and here.

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1. Instead of saying the word "milk", Kurt and I have recently started referring to it as "miak", an allusion this scene in the theatrical masterpiece, Earnest Scared Stupid. At first we were just being goofy, but over time, miak somehow made it's way into our regular vernacular. The other day, I found myself rummaging through the refrigerator and announcing, stoned faced, "There's no more miak left for our coffee."

2. Grocery shopping is one of my favorite weekend rituals. On a typical grocery day, we head out after the gym with our to-go mugs filled with coffee. We often have to make a few stops to get everything on our list, which we have nerdily synced on the iPhone app, Grocery IQ. When we return home, I stand poised before the open refrigerator door while Kurt takes his station, sitting indian-style, at the threshold of our kitchen. He roots down in our shopping bags, tossing me produce, juice cartons and yogurt cups. Each toss is fired with a clue as to how to catch the food item, like in baseball. He'll yell out, "Grounder!" and roll me a melon. Or "Pop-up!" (very high pitch, but still infield) for a bottle of soy sauce. "Line-drive! Frozen rope! Can of corn!" I usually catch line drives with both hands and my stomach as a safety net. All of these names, I've learned, are baseball terms. I'm a regular baseball linguist now. When it is time to proceed to the cupboards, there is something we call the "lightning round" in which Kurt launches a series of canned goods at a rapid, successive pace. I catch a can with only enough time to stack it on the shelf before the next one comes hurtling my way. I laugh hysterically during the lightning round. I never drop anything, unless it's a foul pitch.

3. I regularly daydream about Harold wearing an oversized suit like in the Talking Head's Stop Making Sense. This Must be the Place is one of my favorite songs. I think the bassist, Tina Weymouth, is the coolest and one time I spent a whole afternoon bookmarking pictures of her like a creepy stalker fan girl.

4. Truly, I am just a dork. Fig. 1Fig. 2Fig. 3Fig. 4.

5. Acrylic nails really give me the jeebies. Get those things away from me! Certainly don't try to make me a sandwich with those talons. Blech. Belch.

6. My dream home has a clotheslines, a garden, wrap-around porch and a long, wooded driveway that rambles on for a mile without a neighbor in sight. There will be a few goats and a chicken coop, and a large, extended family of dogs. The kitchen is a dream.

7. I have a keen interest in anything related to Dust Bowl era traveling circuses. Some favorites include: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, HBO's Carnivale, and Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen (I'm seeing the movie on Friday!)


  1. what a lovely introduction, thank you :)

    your kitchen games with the groceries made me laugh, especially the 'lightning round'. awesome!

  2. your dream house seems a lot like mine :)

    Happy Easter Weekend!

  3. that is hilarious about your grocery store ritual! i'm definitely going to check out that app. we've been using grocery gadget and really like it.

  4. SJ - You're very welcome, my dear. <3

    Jessi - Ahh, wouldn't that be nice? Someday it will happen for the both of us!

    Kelsey - Grocery IQ is where it's at! I didn't know about grocery gadget. I may need to check that out and make sure I'm not missing out on anything. ;) I try to stay on top of all grocery shopping related technology.


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