Tiny Tuesday!

Hi, hi. I'm feeling a little out of sorts today. Headache, ear ache, body aches. I think the best prescription is to ban myself from the computer for the rest of the day. Before I completely shut down and enjoy a day of Luddite bliss, here's something cute and tiny for you:

I've been holding on to this very adorable clip for days like today. Instant happiness.
Unfortunately, euphoria never lasts very long:

You laughed, didn't you?

And then, YouTube had me in a trance. One could lose a whole day this way. I eventually stumbled onto this.

I think that's enough for today. Happy Tiny Tuesday to you! Happy un-tiny (Fat) Tuesday too.


  1. Yay tiny hat kitten! I watched that second clip 3 times and laughed every time. Poor lil guy!

    Feel better!

  2. Aw, cute videos! That kitten with two faces is kind of amazing.

    I hope you feel better, I'm sick this week too, no fun!

  3. Ahhhhh so cute! Hope you feel better soon :) x

  4. i can't believe they had the opportunity to name a two-faced kitten, and all they came up with was "two-face."



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