Tiny Tuesday! NUMBATS!

Numbats! Sources fro top left: 1.  & 4. Australian Traveler 2. & 3. Art for Conservation

Eeeep! I've discovered another pocketable creature that I never knew existed. Numbats. These squirrely Australian marsupials are a type of anteater, and they have long, slurpy straw-like tongues. Unlike most marsupials, these guys are not nocturnal. They prowl around during the day, feasting on termites, which primarily make up most of their diet. Unlike squirrels who fidget nervously and hop around the yard, the numbat moves at a confident trot with their bushy tails held high! After a long day of devastating termite colonies, they'll return home to their solitary dwelling, usually a hollowed out log or leaf-padded burrow.

Extra thanks to my friend Ursa, who shared this tiny discovery with me.

And speaking of squirrels, have you seen this? Squee your hearts out, squirrel lovers.

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  1. I played a numbat in my school play back when I was 6 or 7. I can't even remember what the play was about but we had to make masks. I had totally forgotten about that until you posted this, good times!


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