Tiny Tuesday! Just a couple of bunnies.

Does this come with free refills?

Annnnd, for something completely different, I recently ate this:

I ate this tiny octopus.

A baby octopus, the smallest creature I've ever intentionally eaten whole. I'm an adventurous eater, but this sushi night challenge called for extra encouragement. Finally, after a shot of sake and a cocktail (I said encouragement), I swallowed this guy in one full mouthful. It was kind of yum? But kind of gross, too. Maybe it was the rubbery texture, the tentacles, or OH - THE LITTLE FACE! I just can't hang.

And hey, I know what you're thinking. You came here for Tiny Tuesday, as in Tiny (cute) Tuesday, but instead got a little bit of Tiny (gross/weird/dead animal) Tuesday. What can I say? I accept tinies from all walks of life/former life. You never know what you're gonna get. At least there were bunnies, too. I tricked you with the bunnies.

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  1. i like baby octopus when it's cooked in lots of yummy garlic! it has a weird texture but that's kind of what makes it interesting.


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