Show and tell.


1. I have a little golden greyhound on my lapel. Reminds me of this photo. I love that guy. 
2. New shoes! I like these Tretorns better than that old Chuck Taylor. They have a daintier shape, which complements my long, skinny feet. They come in pretty neutral colors, like this perfect shade of grey, which complements my milk-white ankles (not pictured).
3. This is a door I walk past nearly every day. 

I always take a walk on my lunch hour, even in crumby weather because exercise and fresh air are so energizing, and I return feeling brand new. No one in my downtown ever looks like the people from the SartorialistToday I saw three dudes in Carharts sharing a joint, plain as day. I also saw a woman who was taller than me (5'10) but her long legs were skinnier than my arms, spindly and bent funny like a stork's. She was wearing tights as pants, but something was wrong with her in a more than tights-as-pant way. I also saw the old man who owns the army surplus store. He locks up the shop each day to take his little Yorkshire Terrier out to pee. But I didn't see the dog this time, and for a moment I almost cried, because what if his dog died? The dog's name is/was Timex. Here is a picture I took of her, from a past walk two years ago.


4. New project. Burly Spun, in cream. Lookit those fat needles! I feel like I'm knitting with magic markers. 
5. My answer to a scratchy throat. 
6. Here's my favorite plant. It's skin feel like a peach! It started flowering last week. I'm proud. 


  1. LOVE the shoes!

    and i hope the Yorkshire terrier is alive and well. THat's too sad to even contemplate :(

  2. Are those green shingles in that door photo?! The wall looks like a fish with scales! So pretty.

    I have yet to try that Kombucha tea. The other day I was reading a label on the back and it said to ask your health care provider before drinking it, if you are pregnant. I thought that was so strange, and it kind of scared me off of it :)

  3. SJ, I'm hoping the little dog is alive and well too. By the looks of it, the old man is the dog's life-long friend.

    Aura, those are shingles on the wall. It is pretty rad. This place is on an otherwise barren industrial side of downtown, and everything else is grey and boring so it is hard to miss.

    Kombucha is pretty darn amazing, but doesn't really taste like tea. It's a fermented drink, and although not an alcoholic drink per se, the naturally occurring yeast creates a negligible amount of alcohol, hence the warning for pregnant women. The label makes some funny health claims, which aren't backed by medical science, so they're probably covering their butts in case someone doesn't become energized/metabolized/whatever-ized. I just like the stuff, despite the hype. If I have a sore throat, it's better than ginger ale, fizzy and sugar free, and that works for me.

  4. i love the title! because isn't having a blog basically the same as show and tell anyway? never thought of it that way. :)

  5. this is the best blog post i have ever read.
    you make me want to blog about the strangers in my town.

    burly spun looks magical.

    i have a fuzzy purple plant. it's weird.

  6. I love this so much! Especially your own little narrative of the people you see on your walk. It makes me want to do my own show and tell!


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