Tiny Tuesday! Little plantlings.


In the late winter, I always find myself buying many plants to breath new life into our living quarters and remind us that warm weather and sunny skies are on the way. A new plant does an ace job of chasing away the blues and lifting my spirits. But what if I'm away from my house plants and the winter blues strike on the bus or on the street or at the office? To play it safe, maybe I should have a teeny tiny plant on my person at all times.

From top:
1. Wearable planter by Colleen Jordan - I would totally wear this. Watering would be a cinch! Look down, spit and done. (Is that bad?) I also love Alyson's idea of hanging these little planters in a window. Cute, cute.
2. Japanese mini plant key chains! Measuring in at only 44x25mm. Meep!
3. Here are some fakers, in case you're not equipped with a green thumb. Tiny fimo plants (3mm) in terracotta pots by Signea on Etsy. Dollhouses need greenery too.

Lots of thanks to Shannon K. and April for pointing me in the direction of these plantlings. These ladies are loyally dedicated to all things tiny. As they should be. ::Salutes::

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  1. Oh my...these are so adorable...
    Thanks for sharing.


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