Tiny Tuesday! Tiny appetites.

When we were kids, my siblings and I all had fat, puffy baby cheeks. My dad always said we looked like chipmunks. (A group of chipmunks living together is called a "sweet." !!!) Sometimes there would even be impersonations. He'd pause, wide-eyed with his cheeks puffed up with air. We'd laugh wildly, jumping and reaching up to poke the air out of his cheeks. I reveled in this routine. He'd say, "Ohp, ohp! Naaa-aan! You've got a walnut in you're cheek!" and then laugh, "Huh huh huh huh."

It's no wonder that rodents filling their cheeks with corn kernels is a weakness for me ... in fact, rodents eating anything is pretty darned cute. Case in point:

Spotted on Pixdaus.
A tiny plate of spaghetti! Spotted by Katie and Jason, via Zadan.

Washing up after dinner:

Spotted by Adrienne. 

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  1. So cute! (But... kinda gross at the same time).


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