Life Sciences


I love science and nature inspired spaces. I dream of having a room full of terrariums, old classroom and laboratory furniture, chalkboards, globes, feathers, specimen charts, bones, preserved eggs and insects, plants, vintage scientific illustrations, experiments and artifacts. I've slowly been curating a dream collection on Pinterest. Here are some favorites.

 Want: old beakers, centrifuge, bunsen burners, test tubes, taxidermy ...


In my imaginary scientist life, I'd definitely need lots of drawers, cabinets and display cases for storing slides, specimens and reference books. And one of those rolly carts too, for arranging supplies for experiments!


When Kurt and I were shopping at a big outdoor market in Moscow, we saw many items of intrigue  like the "specimens" in these pictures. We were especially interested in a vintage scuba helmet, assorted antlers and taxidermy, gramophones, and old industrial relics. I wish I could have brought it all home.

Specimen charts, scientific illustrations, natural art.
So there you have it. I'm well on my way to becoming a hoarder of old, somewhat creepy scientific/medical/nature junk.


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