Daydreaming about Sweden.

Photos of Sweden via Pinterest (Sources).

This May, Kurt and I will board a plane and drag a little dotted line from Louisville, KY to Stockholm Sweden, where we'll vacation and visit a friend for a week and some days. I've always wanted to go, and my well-traveled husband swears that I'll love it. From what I can tell, what's not to love? 

I like choosing a vacation destination months in advance, so I have plenty of time to save up, plan and map out our adventure. Those months before a trip are also the best for daydreaming. Lately, I've spent pockets of my free time admiring these Sweden photos on Pinterest and picking out books to read by Swedish authors. Suggestions? I may just have to reread my childhood favorites by Astrid Lindgren, or check into this Steig Larssen dude (the movies already have a hold on me).

Have you been to Sweden? If yes, where should we visit, what should we do/eat/find?

P.S. I was able to send invites to everyone who requested a Pinterest account in this post. Did you get your invites? The website was down a lot last week, but seems to be up and working fine now.


  1. oooo so jealous, i would love to go to sweden.

    my sister lived there for a year but in a town north of stockholm called Uppsala.

    I'll ask her for recommendations and send you an email.

  2. wow. these photos are gorgeous!! i'm so excited for you guys!!!! i've never been to sweden, but how could it not be amazing?!

  3. Some day even I may make it out there. When I'm rich? It sounds fantastic, and I always pictured it like Astrid Lindgren's fairy tales. Ever since I knew how to read, I would read and re-read "Brothers Lionheart" and "Mio, My Son" to my brother, well into my teenage years. It also helped that in the USSR, Karlsson was a HUGE deal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1sS1TTIslk

  4. Wow! What a great place to go for a Spring adventure!! I absolutely adore those richly painted houses on the craggy shore! And just think- you won't be alone in your tall blondeness! Even going to Amsterdam last fall, I was constantly turning to Shawn and saying "Look! She's as tall as me, too!"

    Unrelated, chipmunk in slow-mo:



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