Day in my life.

Last Sunday, I made a project out of documenting my day, hoping to get into the habit of capturing more photos of our everyday life. I tend to find enjoyment in our routine, as mundane as it sometimes tends to be. Perhaps you'll find this similarly interesting in that every-day-life sort of way. Maybe not. Either way, here we are, unprimped, unscripted, just doing what we do.

good morning

9:00 AM: We like to sleep in on Sundays and nine is late for early birds like us. When I wake up, I dig Harold out from under the blankets we share and sing him his good morning song. I've always made up random little songs to sing to the dogs. They're short and illogical, sung off key and sometimes the lyrics are just a few words sung over and over. But I think the dogs appreciate it. Harold cocks his head to the side, his ears at full attention like a Mogwai. Both dogs' tails thump, thump on the comforter. Harold belly crawls toward me like a soldier, his front legs reaching and clawing forward and dragging his sleepy back end. He pulls himself between our pillows, licking our faces and ears and nuzzling his head close to our faces. Mule stands at the foot of the bed, shifting from foot to foot, breathing heavily, telling us that he is full of pee.

banana chips

10:00 AM: We start moving. I buzz around the house, retrieving stray socks from the floor and clearing last night's glasses and bottles from the table. I put two pots of water on the stove, one for coffee for our french press and the other to simmer steel cut oats. We slowly do housework, between intermittent blips of laziness, fiddling with Pandora and email. Kurt starts on projects for the week ahead of us. We bought a bottle of Absolut to make our own snaps (vodka infused with herbs) for an upcoming dinner party. He stuffs a few sprigs of fresh basil into the bottle and tucks it away in the closet for safe keeping. We've also planned to make our own trail mix for our lunchboxes this week. Banana chips, mixed nuts, dried dates. Mine with dark chocolate chips, Kurt's without. Kurt slices bananas to place in the dehydrator to make banana chips.


10:30 AM: Late breakfast! Steel cut oats with pecans, bananas and maple syrup. Broiled grapefruit and three slices of black forest smoked bacon. There's Kurt's beloved Regis and Kathy Lee mug in the background. After breakfast, I snuggle the dogs on the couch and read while Kurt sifts through Kepler data online for undiscovered habitable planets.

Here's where my photos get a little iPhoney ...

photo(25) photo(24)

1:00 PM: I had a date with my running partner, but the weather is crumby. Rain check. To train for my half marathon, I'm still scheduled to run 4 miles, so Kurt and I head to the gym instead. I ran in my brand new running shoes to the tunes of MGMT, Phoenix, Yeah yeah Yeahs and Jay-Z.

photo(26) photo(27)

2:00 PM: We left the gym to meet up with our friends, Andy and Matt, at Flanagan's for post-run beers and burgers. Whenever I really exhaust myself, it never fails - visions of hamburgers dance in my head! There was a beer tasting, so the guys tried a few different beers while I guzzled water and enjoyed a Gouda burger and sweet potato fries.

4:00 PM: We return home for a nap. Harold expertly noses his way into any suspected napping situation, always eager to jump on an opportunity to snuggle. It seems like our floor is the preferred location for most activities in our house, especially naps. Amongst friends, Kurt is renown for falling asleep face-down on the floor, regardless of noise or time of day. His relaxation mode also always involves unbuttoning his pants, which I find amusing since he usually doesn't bother taking off his hat or jacket. After work, he'll putter around the house, still wearing his ID badge, with his favorite pens still in the front pocket of his scrub shirt. But pants? Those are way too restrictive. Pants are off.

5:00 PM: We fix another cup of coffee. Kurt reads National Geographic while I cast on stitches for the Marian cowl. If you enlarge the photo of Kurt's feet, you'll see that they're all gnarly from running "barefoot" in Vibrams. In the picture below it, you can see my concentration face, elusive to most cameras. Whenever I lose myself in some project or am bent on doing a tedious form of handiwork, I furrow my brow and grind my teeth into a familiar and comforting overbite. This is likely to occur when playing video games, tying knots, nail biting, using a piping bag or trussing a chicken.

greek salad

6:45 PM: For dinner, I throw together something simple and light, to balance out our big breakfast and burger/beer celebration. I make a Greek salad with french feta, campari tomatoes, kirby cucumbers, bulgar, shallots, parsley and lemon juice. After a quiet dinner, we clean up and I start a load of laundry.

8:00 PM: We leash up the dogs and head outside, in hopes of seeing the International Space Station fly overhead. It passes by once in a while, and from ground perspective, it looks like a bright star moving as fast as an airplane. (Go here to find out where/when to look for the ISS.) The weather is perfect, breezy and warm, in the upper 50's. A fluke in February. I smell a backyard cookout nearby. We take the dogs for a walk around the block. A train rumbles through our neighborhood. The air smells like burning charcoal. It's awesome.

9:45 PM: We get settled in to watch BBC Human Planet. It's our new love, and we've gotten into the habit of watching an episode before bed. Kurt's able to stay up later because he works 2nd shift, and he and our friend Nick have made a Sunday night ritual of playing backgammon into the wee hours. Shortly after the game begins, I creep off to bed and fall asleep to the sound of documentaries in the next room. Kurt fell asleep on the couch with Harold on his lap! Party animals, those two.



  1. i enjoy reading about people's day to day lives. i like taking photos of my weekend even though sometimes it can be easy to lose motvation. i enjoy looking back at my flickr account and seeing what we got up to.

  2. This is so funny, we just started rewatching BBC Earth, one episode before bed each night. I want to get some of the other series at Border's since everything is 20% off since they are closing. I think I saw Human Planet--I will check next time I go.

  3. That was really fun to read! I'm nosy so I like seeing a peek into other people's days. : )

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who drinks two rounds of coffee per day. My husband thinks I have a problem.

  4. Fave post.. love seeing someone's "normal" day.

  5. awwww! i love this. what an adorable day!

  6. love love love this post! Such a cozy day. :)

  7. SJ, Dayna, Knit: I follow all of you guys and I think you should do a post this this too! I'm super nosy, but also intrigued. And I love you.

    Beth: You would Love Human Planet. Seriously dude. Maybe you could netflix or download it!

    Thanks everybodies.

  8. first of all, i love this post. second, that bacon looks amazing, and i need it. and third, i've been planning on making broiled grapefruit with honey & cardamom this weekend! yours looks so beautiful. yay!


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