Cook, love, laugh, make, squeeeee!

Hotel La Montaña Mágica. Huilo-Huilo, Chile, from my Pinterest board, "I Want to Go There!"
Couple of things: 

Favorite recipes I've tried this week: roasted Cornish game hens with Meyer lemons, fennel and olives, tomato-coconut braised chicken and couscous

Love: Heart shaped hard-boiled eggs tutorial. This guy. These shoes, this dress, this chair.

Heh heh: F(rog) the police.

To make: pictures/frame, braided fabric scarf, wood crate bookshelf, log dome cloche

Squee: The prettiest blue bird. Seriously gigantic bunny. Animals snuggling: 1, 2, 3

 ::: :::

Welp, I've got most of the weekend all to myself. This calls for a crafternoon, followed by a good, weepy, girly movie, the type I can only bring myself to watch alone (aside from the dog on my lap). There will probably, hopefully be ice cream!

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  1. i just made my throat hurt from all the squealing/odd-noise-making i was doing looking at all the "squee" photos. ohhhhhh!


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