Tiny Tuesday! Facebook love.


My friends are so rad. They always send me links to adorable, tiny things just because they know it makes me squee for joy. There is nothing better than opening your inbox and finding it brimming with micro-cuteness. Just this week, I've found four Tiny Tuesday candidates posted on my Facebook wall! It was hard to choose a favorite, so I decided to share them all.

From top:
Baby otter kisses baby goat. Just ridiculous. Via The Daily Otter, shared by Kurt.
Teeny chameleon, source unknown, shared by Aaron
Tiny turtle, by Louisville Swashbuckler, shared by Jared.
Pygmy shitake mushrooms, from Ursa's kitchen! Photo taken/shared by Ursa. 

Thanks, buddies!

If you ever stumble across a lovely tiny thing, I would love to see!
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