Snow Jams

Rooftops - Louisville, KY

Snow is on the ground in 49 of the 50 States today. It's up to my ankles here, with the sky spitting an occasional flurry. If you're willing to embrace this wintry weather, I made you a mix tape. These are my favorite songs for snow days. For those in warmer climates (ahem, Florida), these are also good songs for pretend snow days.

Track List:

Window Blues - Band of Horses
Let's Start a Family - Bonnie "Prince" Billy
Liar - Built to Spill
Make me a Pallet on your Floor - Gillian Welch
Settin' the Woods on Fire - Hank Williams
The Bedtime Beatbox - Lullatone
Fallen Snow - Au Revoir Simone
Lump Sum - Bon Iver
Seoul - Amina
I Can See the Pines are Dancing - A.A. Bondy
River - Akron/Family
Snow Day - Matt Pond PA
Trailer Trash - Modest Mouse
Cutting Ice to Snow - Efterklang
Ice Dance - Danny Elfman
Finally We Are No One - Mum 


  1. Very nice mix! Thanks for sharing.

    That photo is making me homesick like crazy! Where did you take it?

  2. Kurt took it with his iPhone on the roof of his parking garage in the hospital district.

  3. Looks like a great list!
    You made my very favorite Christmas mix many years ago and posted it on LJ. I burned it, but have since lost the CD... It killed me this Christmas season to go without...
    I love your music compilations!

  4. thank you for sharing this mix, I love it!

  5. Thanks, I'm glad you all liked it!

    Laura - Gosh, if I knew I would have made you another. I always make an xmas mix every year. I LOVE Christmas music. However, the outpour of Xmas music hatred on Facebook deterred me from sharing it this year. I'll be sure to send you one next year, or if not, remind me.


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