Sky lanterns.

sky lanterns

sky lantern

Knowing I have a childlike fascination for hot air balloons, Kurt surprised me with a box of Chinese sky lanterns for Christmas. These are airborne paper lanterns, powered by a small candle or fuel cell. The flame heats the air inside the lantern, lowering it's density and causing it to rise upward, high into the air. Then you make a wish.

Over the weekend, we had the best time sending these off into the night's sky. (Just speculation, but we probably stirred a small panic among unknowing onlookers, since from afar, the lanterns resemble an invading fleet of flying saucers.) There is something magical about seeing a bright, flickering flame suspending so high in mid-air. What a trick! We watched them flickering miles away before they disappeared into the clouds.

Given the right location, I think these would be a really fantastic and memorable finale to an outdoor wedding or party. You can snag a few of your own here, or do like my Mr. and troll around Ebay.

Here's a look at Taiwan's famed Pingxi Lantern Festival. Wouldn't you love to be there?

So much fun. 


  1. brilliant idea! i might have to add that to 'possible ideas for wedding' list.

  2. I love sky lanterns! We flew a whole bunch at a memorial for a friend. Get them here: http://www.skylighter.com/sky-lanterns.asp. It was really great, people wrote little notes all over them and then we flew them all together.

  3. we've been planning this with our friends for a long time, but still haven't done it

    looks awesome!


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