Reader Survey Thoughts & Thanks

It has taken me a few days to mentally process all of the fantastic feedback flowing in from last week's reader's survey. To everyone who took a moment to share their thoughts: thank you, thank you!

In 2008, I started this blog, intending it to be sort of a virtual scrapbook. Back then, I had just found a new love, turned over a new leaf, and was brimming with inspiration. I wanted Whirly Bird to be a place to unload these good feelings and document our projects and adventures. I created it for Kurt and I. Aside from Kurt (Whirly Bird's biggest fan and part-time photographer/creative consultant) and a few close friends, I didn't expect many people to actually pay much attention, so whenever I knock on the blogosphere's door, I'm always surprised and delighted when others knock back. It's a great, fun thing!

Reading the responses to the "tell me about yourself" question was by far my favorite part. From the looks of it, you're all so talented, intelligent and interesting. You are dudes and ladies, mommies and dads, scientists, writers, students, bloggers, cooks, engineers, designers, crafters, dog lovers ... the list goes on and on. It's enough to make me feel a little bashful, faced with so much awesomeness.

Everyone had very thoughtful, encouraging and constructive words for me, and for that I am so thankful. My original goal for Whirly Bird still stands, but now I'm motivated more than ever to keep posting more regularly, with more projects, recipes, photos and tiny discoveries. This is nothing more than a personal blog that tends to go in many random directions. I'm relieved and excited to find out that you guys actually like hearing me chatter on about our dogs, dwarf creatures, what I'm eating, and other nerdy pursuits. Who knew? It's a small world after all.

P.S. If you missed the survey, but would like to take it, you still can.

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